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Roster Package

Accelerator Courses Unlock on April 1st, 2024.

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The Roster package provides access to both Mindset and Business Acquisition courses and resources to help you become prepared for acquiring your own business. 

What you get access to:

  • Mindset 15: Science-driven protocols to enhance skillset
  • One Mindset Coaching Session
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Self-paced learning with pre-recorded video lessons.
  • Video and High-Quality Assets
  • Reflection & Integration Assessments
  • Priority Access to Membership Upgrades
  • + Courses

Outcomes to expect:

  • CEO Mindset
  • Enhance your Entrepreneurial Skillset
  • Increase your well-being and overall mindset
  • Tap into Peak Performance Flow State

+ Networking with elite businesses offering ownership opportunities


Course Duration: 

Success Coach courses are designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, but expect to commit around 4 hours per week to complete all courses within 60 days.

How to Get Started:

After purchasing this course, you will be granted access to the Mindset course which needs to be completed prior to beginning the Business Acquisition course. You will also be granted access to 1 one-on-one coaching sessions with our team, which will be used at specific steps throughout the courses. Your coaches will reach out to you upon signup to meet and schedule your coaching session, and answer any questions you have about the program.